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My name is Babette and I am 17 years old. Ballet is my passion & escape. Art is my way of life.

I believe that art is not what you see. but rather what you make others see. As dancers we go through blood, sweat and tears for what we love. When we go out on stage we do not care about what has been or what will be, we live in the moment. The adrenaline rushes through our bodies as we move. The heart speeds up. We might be nervous, we might be scared, and we might not. One thing I can assure you that every single dancer, no matter if your a ballerina or do hip hop. We all share one thing: love for our art.


Explosive Natalia Osipova (Le Corsaire: variation and coda) 


what did my glorious eyes witness…

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Sara Mearns, Principal Dancer with New York City Ballet (via danceindawnlight)

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I don’t agree with the extreme technique that the competitions develop these days. I think it turns dancers into robots, which is not pretty to watch. I am definitely a believer in artistry over tricks. The artistry will last longer, and you can develop it over decades. Tricks will come and go; one day you won’t be able to do them. After a while they’re kind of boring. With artistry, something new always happens. It’s creating a story and using your imagination on­stage. There is no imagination in tricks whatsoever.


Sergei Polunin and Kristina Shapran

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